Another Day at the Plant

Gardening enthusiast signI thought gardening required sunshine, water, dreams, and a willingness to get dirty. What it really requires is tools, and planning to get tools! I don’t care what your motivation and inspiration is; if you don’t do your research, then you will spend countless hours in pointless tasks. I realized this when my friend lent me her Garden Claw. I had been bending over pulling weeds, breaking my back, and cussing under my breath when all I really needed was this handy little gadget. It was a miracle. It opened my eyes — what else have I been missing? Might it be possible to be “a gardener” without having to actually work so hard?

Until my Claw experience, I made fun of the late night infomercials where it began its publicity. Now, I run to the Google machine, feverishly trying to figure out where to get a Claw of my own. Canadian Tire had them for under $30, and the reviews were fabulous. I pondered the opinions of garden tool purchasers as if I was contemplating the purchase of a luxury jet. My immediate goal became to get my hands on my own Claw.

About planning: you can’t get tools if you don’t know what you will need. Don’t do any gardening project without thorough planning. I was going to install a flagstone patio, but then I realized I could probably afford that fantasy luxury jet more easily. I thought to myself, do I have any tools already at my disposal? Oh yeah, my kids, they could be tools! Instead of Mother’s Day gifts, I asked for gardening hours. My son and I are now in the midst of a fun landscaping project. He is smart, and being smart means he doesn’t want to waste time. Therefore, we plan! In addition, it is only fair I mention that a friend of mine is working toward a Prairie Horticulture Certificate and has made my yard her project. I can’t wait to see the results of all the planning my family and friends have put into my garden!

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About Sue Saunders

was born in Victoria and grew up in a large family, which moved throughout BC. By the time she was 22 she had 4 children, was divorced and living on welfare. The move to Calgary in 1976 was an excellent decision. Sue loved the sun, vibrancy and potential – Calgary has become home!

After 20 years of food sales Sue took the Real Estate Course and became a REALTOR® in March, 1997.

Residential Real Estate – Starting with nothing but the course, business experience and a drive to succeed Sue has built a business. In a very determined move she has achieved what only 10% of all REALTORS® do – she is still in business!!

Weddings – In July 1999 Sue was appointed a Marriage Commissioner by the Province of Alberta and still loves performing ceremonies. Meeting lots of great people and traveling to different locations she has done over 1000 weddings now!

Sue is proud of her 6 children and 13 grandchildren! She loves spending time with them and many years ago started a “Wednesday Night Dinner”. The tradition continues and anywhere from 9 – 23 attend these scrumptious, fun filled, crazy, family nights!

She loves golf, reading, games, social activities and embraces change, technology and challenge. Sue works Real Estate and weddings like everything else with humour, tenacity, skill and enthusiasm. Always finding balance between work, family and home – call for YOUR Marriage Commissioner or REALTOR®!!

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