Stomping Parties

Vole WallpaperTo say this winter was looming is an understatement. I waited patiently for the snow to melt… and while I waited patiently, someone (or something) was busy having a party under all that snow! And when the snow finally melted, I got to deal with the after-party mess… No, it wasn’t beer bottles and trash, it was worse, it was a chewed up and spit out lawn (voles ate the roots)!!!

Voles are small, subterranean-dwelling little creatures. They look almost exactly like mice, but they are much hardier and can rip through the ground with their tough little teeth. They appear unassuming and unthreatening — I will dare say they are even cute. You might see one and think, “Awwww, cute little field mouse!” Think again, because these are the hard winter partiers who will dig racetracks in your yard and make a mess of your grass, probably laughing at you the entire time. Welcome to spring in Calgary!

I went on a witch hunt after discovering what the voles had done to my yard. I thought I was smarter and stronger than an army of tiny rodents, but I might have been wrong. I looked at traps, poisons, and a whole array of pest removal techniques. I tried “friendly” forms of warfare, like putting steel wool in their tracks. It’s not that I wanted to kill the little critters, I just didn’t want to see them at all. They were in my territory! I wanted them gone.

Finally (a little too late I’m afraid) I learned that the best thing to do is to stomp down the first snow. This wisdom is based on the assumption that the voles can’t tunnel through firmly packed snow. Therefore, next winter, I plan on hosting a stomping party at one of my Wednesday family dinners. I know the grandkids would probably have a lot of fun with traps and steel wool and poison, but I think a stomping party is safer.


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About Sue Saunders

was born in Victoria and grew up in a large family, which moved throughout BC. By the time she was 22 she had 4 children, was divorced and living on welfare. The move to Calgary in 1976 was an excellent decision. Sue loved the sun, vibrancy and potential – Calgary has become home!

After 20 years of food sales Sue took the Real Estate Course and became a REALTOR® in March, 1997.

Residential Real Estate – Starting with nothing but the course, business experience and a drive to succeed Sue has built a business. In a very determined move she has achieved what only 10% of all REALTORS® do – she is still in business!!

Weddings – In July 1999 Sue was appointed a Marriage Commissioner by the Province of Alberta and still loves performing ceremonies. Meeting lots of great people and traveling to different locations she has done over 1000 weddings now!

Sue is proud of her 6 children and 13 grandchildren! She loves spending time with them and many years ago started a “Wednesday Night Dinner”. The tradition continues and anywhere from 9 – 23 attend these scrumptious, fun filled, crazy, family nights!

She loves golf, reading, games, social activities and embraces change, technology and challenge. Sue works Real Estate and weddings like everything else with humour, tenacity, skill and enthusiasm. Always finding balance between work, family and home – call for YOUR Marriage Commissioner or REALTOR®!!